i want send multi value via form how !!

i insert my code to make matrix radio button and i insert javascribt code to obtain value in text box ( Estimated Total )

problem is i want to obtain another value ( program name )

so i want form send to ( value ) and ( program name )

how ?

HTML Code:

function getChecked(){
    for (var i=1;i<10;i++){
        if (document.getElementById('radios_'+i).checked) {
          radiouttonvalue = document.getElementById('radios_'+i).value;
          document.getElementById('inputvalue').value = radiouttonvalue;

<table style="width: 700px;">
      <td><p><strong>4 person per room</strong></p></td>
      <td><p><strong>3 person per room</strong></p></td>
      <td><p><strong>2 person per room</strong></p></td>
    <tr class="bg_cell">
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><strong>program 1</strong></td>
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_1" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,195" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_2" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,495" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_3" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,995" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td><strong>program 2</strong></td>
      <td><input type="radio" id="radios_4" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,495" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td><input type="radio" id="radios_5" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,995" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td><input type="radio" id="radios_6" name="ljudkalla" value="$8,295" onclick="getChecked()" />
    <tr class="bg_cell">
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><strong>program 3</strong></td>
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_7" name="ljudkalla" value="$6,695" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_8" name="ljudkalla" value="$6,995" onclick="getChecked()" />
      <td bgcolor="#b0f6b0"><input type="radio" id="radios_9" name="ljudkalla" value="$7,295" onclick="getChecked()" />
<p><span class="mainn-txt">Estimated Total = </span>
  <input name="inputvalue" type="text" id="inputvalue" readonly="readonly" />
&nbsp; + $300 Visa + $150 Qurbani + U.S. domestic round trip flight<br />
<span class="left-text-box">(U.S. domestic round trip flight ranges from $200.00 up
to $700.00)</span></p>