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    Dissertation/Thesis Help


    I'm doing my dissertation/thesis and although not necessary i wanted to create a website that would collect my results. As my thesis is on "The emotional response the use of music in film has on the audience" a website would be the easiest way of collecting my data

    I have an idea of upon entering the website you type your email address and it shows the content for my thesis where there will be text boxes that allow you to enter your emotions.

    What i need help with is the coding for how i would set it up so the person can only partake once per email and also how it would collect the results.

    any help would be great!

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    Very cool subject for a thesis!

    What programming languages do you know? This will require HTML, CSS, PHP, and a database such as MySQL.

    I guess I should ask: when is the dissertation due?

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    You definitely need HTML, CSS and PHP (or JavaScript) but you may not need SQL, depending upon the volume of replies you get, and how you wish to analyse them.

    Speaking of which, how do you intend to analyse the replies? If you want to statistically analyse them, you probably WILL need a database, but, more importantly, you need to structure the questions to support analysis. I.e. Multiple-choice questions. Also, one error that beginners (and some professionals) make is to ask too many questions, resulting in people dropping out before the end. It is important to identify which are the most important questions you NEED, and leave out the rest.

    Ideally you should mock up some answers and analyse them to see which are actually important. Oh, and get some friends to test run the questionnaire, to see if their understanding of the questions matches your intentions. Things can seem crystal clear to you that are not apparent to others!

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