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Thread: How to use PHP in Web design?

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    How to use PHP in Web design?

    Friend's, I recently decide to make website design for business promotion and I am confused about which is language is best one for business promotion. So please give the valuable idea.

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    Hello convergepoint

    php is best language i suggest you, using cake php

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    If all you want to do is "website design" as in design a page or two or three using html and some graphics and some text, then you don't need a language. OTOH, if you have plans to make your website a provider of content besides just some "pretty screens" then you will need a language of some kind PLUS the ability to write programs using it. Is that what you have in mind?

    There are plenty of providers such as your local ISP or hosting companies who provide tools for building a simple website right out of the box without a need for skills of your own. There are NOT that many providing site design & support using languages, since that kind of thing is a very personal project that only you and your closely associated partners can accomplish.

    Big difference between the two.

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    Do you have experience in coding php? If you do then yeah PHP is awesome. If not I would use a free platform like wordpress or drupal.

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    "Website design for business promotion" is way too ambiguous to even guess what the best solution might be. Without more specific requirements, I have no idea whether or not you even need any server-side processing or not (which is where PHP would come into the mix, if needed). In the simplest cases, you may only need a few HTML and CSS files.
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    As mentioned above, if you have no web development experience, I would use CMS platform of Wordpress. There are many tutorials on Youtube on how to use Wordpress. GOOD LUCK!

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