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Thread: Batch processing in Java: billing online purchases

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    Batch processing in Java: billing online purchases

    Hi everyone! I am writing my first serious batch processing application. The task is to create a bill from online purchases. The customer's purchase data are stored in a database. I have to create an XML file from this data every day and save it some where.

    So these are the steps that I think I should do:
    - Get the data for every unique customer from the database for the past day. If customer has more than one purchase at the batching time, sum all the purchases.
    - An XML file is created per each customer (The difficult part?)
    - Mark into the database those purchases that are processed/billed (so that next day they are not processed again)

    My questions are:

    Is that sequence of doing things right or are there other things to be considered?
    Are there any Java frameworks that I could use for this kind of batching purposes?
    Any hints or suggestions on building the structure of the XML elements?

    Thanks in advance
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