Hello guys,

I have wrote this function:

var person = new Object();

person.lengte = prompt("Wat is uw lengte")
person.gewicht = prompt("Wat is uw gewicht")
person.bmi = person.gewicht / (person.length * person.length);

alert("Uw BMI is:" + " " + person.bmi);

When i execute the code, everything works, but when the browser alert the alert, it is showing: "Uw BMI is: "NaN".

I tried this: alert("Uw BMI is:" + " " + person.length); and then it works and will gives the number what has been getting from the prompt.

Any idea how to fix this? It should work without having the person.bmi = person.gewicht / (..........) having in the last line of the code, the alert line.

Hopefully someone could help me with this!