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Thread: Looking for help with web based software

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    Looking for help with web based software

    Hello, my name is Dennis Holmberg with Electronic Displays Inc. in Addison, Illinois. We manufacture and distribute digital signage for the industrial market. Products such as process timers, counters and production scoreboards.

    We are looking for help to enhance our products. Specifically, communication from our signs back to a web browser. We want to display data for the user to gather and evaluate easily. OEE values, efficiency, targets, actual numbers, etc. We promote lean manufacturing in the factory.

    It's a little hard to describe it all here, but please contact me if you are interested. This would be a contract job for now with other projects being discussed.

    Thank you.

    Dennis Holmberg
    Electronic Displays Inc.
    Www. Electronicdisplays.com

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    Hello there,

    when possible give me a call 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0
    or skype me direct: webdevelopmentgroup
    I'm more then happy to support.

    WILL -

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