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Thread: [RESOLVED] correct way to bind many columns on PDO

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    resolved [RESOLVED] correct way to bind many columns on PDO

    I'm trying to learn how to work with PDO queries and I'm selecting a series of columns from a table with the intention of looping through them. I'm binding each column to a variable like this:

    PHP Code:
        $stmt $db -> prepare("SELECT value1, value2, value3, value4, value5, value6, value7, value8, value9, value10 from table"); 
    $stmt -> execute();
    $stmt -> bindColumn(1$value1);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(2$value2);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(3$value3);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(4$value4);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(5$value5);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(6$value6);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(7$value7);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(8$value8);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(9$value9);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(10$value10);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(11$value11);
    $stmt -> bindColumn(12$value12); 
    This hardly seems like the proper way to do this however. I could make a loop that binds every value to a variable with the name of the column, but I was wondering if there's something closer to this method I used with MySQLi:

    PHP Code:
    $stmt -> bind_result($value1$value2$value3$value4$value5$value6$value7$value8$value9$value10); 
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