what I am trying to do here is to make the image title and caption move (like from top to bottom for the title and from right to left for the caption) for each slide of a slideshow.

I'm using a plugin for the slideshow and it's working perfectly well:

// Set custom shortcut to avoid conflicts
var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

$j(document).ready(function() {

    // Get the slideshow options
    var $slidespeed      = parseInt( meteorslidessettings.meteorslideshowspeed );
    var $slidetimeout    = parseInt( meteorslidessettings.meteorslideshowduration );
    var $slideheight     = parseInt( meteorslidessettings.meteorslideshowheight );
    var $slidewidth      = parseInt( meteorslidessettings.meteorslideshowwidth );
    var $slidetransition = meteorslidessettings.meteorslideshowtransition;

    // Setup jQuery Cycle
        cleartypeNoBg: true,
        fit:           1,
        fx:            $slidetransition,
        height:        $slideheight,
        next:          '#meteor-next',
        pager:         '#meteor-buttons',
        pagerEvent:    'click',
        pause:         1,
        prev:          '#meteor-prev',
        slideExpr:     '.mslide',
        speed:         $slidespeed,
        timeout:       $slidetimeout,
        width:         $slidewidth

    // Setup jQuery TouchWipe
        wipeLeft: function() {
        wipeRight: function() {
        preventDefaultEvents: false

    // Add class to hide and show prev/next nav on hover
    $j('.meteor-slides').hover(function () {
    }, function () {

    // Set a fixed height for prev/next nav in IE6
    if(typeof document.body.style.maxWidth === 'undefined') {
        $j('.meteor-nav a').height($slideheight);

    // Add align class if set in metadata
    $j('.meteor-slides').each(function () {
        meteormetadata = $j(this).metadata();
        if (meteormetadata.align == 'left') {
        } else if (meteormetadata.align == 'right') {
        } else if (meteormetadata.align == 'center') {

I've been trying stuff around for some days like using .animate but I always end up breaking the whole code and get a white space instead of the slideshow.

Do you know how to animate img title and captions with js?
Here is a jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/sU8AX/