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Thread: How do people call a broken screen?

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    How do people call a broken screen?


    My old ASUS pc's screen was broken, and it created a weird snow effect around that crack on my screen, if I touched it a bit, I got the same effect on the place my finger was... Like those lamps/cells were broken! After some time the snow effect was everywhere. How do people call this kind of broken screen? Can you fix it for less then /$30?

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    I'd just buy a new monitor. Here are some refurbished ones in that price range:

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    If your ASUS is a laptop, then you may be able to pick up a replacement screen on E..y. However, fitting it may not be easy. In a similar circumstance, I found a better solution was to buy a matching second-hand laptop (that was working but lacked a hard disk) and transferred the hard disk from one to the other. Whether that would come into your budget is another matter...

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    As per me, i have to go for good service center because PC screen is quite sophisticated part of your computer system.



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