Whats up Doc?

Have a client came to me with a huge project, have been thinking deeply on the price but really having some issues with it.

Client wants:

Website - 5 Pages + Store (Run on mobile as well)
App (iOS, Android, Windows)
Merchandise design (Shirts, Accessories {requires artwork design})

App is fairly big:

social media integration;
up-dateable map;
geo push notifications;
base social media integration is instagram so it needs camera functions with filters;
includes a store (tied to web store)
includes the website in the app (when connected to data)

all this requires me to do extensive graphic design work, web development/coding, and testing (all time consuming), oh yes, and extensive coding for iOS, Android, and Windows apps.
So how much you think all this will run for? Client wants a reasonable price, considering they just started. Im thinking doing all this in steps. So they can slowly buy it all.

I say all this is around 8-thousand USD? What do you think?

Thanks doc.