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Thread: Viewport Height for Full Screen Div?

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    Viewport Height for Full Screen Div?

    I have a DIV element that needs to fill the entire screen until the user scrolls and reveals the content. So essentially remain at the viewports height.

    Here is what I did and it works, but it's only compatible with newer browsers.

    HTML Code:
    .section-full {   height:100vh;   min-height:100vh;  }

    Is there a way to do this that has a bit more compatibility? How can I do this with javscript?

    I tried the absolute css method with height and width set to 100%, however, the content below then overlaps.

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Which browsers/platforms do you want to be "compatible" with?

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    See this Peter Paul Kock page about [BElementView properties[/B]...
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