Hello guys!
Thanks for taking the time on reading this.
Let me explain to you what I need.
I'm really new at programming javascriot (I started lessons only a few days ago with a site calles Codeacademy). I want to make a simple site with an application but I'm getting really frustrated on it.
What i need is the following: I need an application that allows the user to select from options A B and/or C from checkmarks and that when the option is clicked some text appears and then that allows the user to click on COPY to clipboard.
Let me give you an example:

What would you like to eat? (Choose one or more options)

(X) Italian food
() Meat
(X) Something that swims

You want to eat
Pasta / Fish

Could you please give me an example of how to doing this?
Thank yu very much for your help!