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Thread: fetch current date record of dd/mm/yyyy format in php mysql

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    Question fetch current date record of dd/mm/yyyy format in php mysql

    Hello experts,

    I am stuck with an query. Actually i want to fetch current date records from my database and the below code probably fetches all my current date records. But it fetches in d/m/y (26/01/14) format but i need in dd/mm/yyyy (26/01/2014) .
    Below is the code which gives output as d/m/y format:

    PHP Code:
    // Check connection
    if (mysqli_connect_errno())
    "Failed to connect to MySQL: " mysqli_connect_error();
    $today date('d-m-y');
    $result mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE DATE(startdate) = '$today'");

    "<table border='1'>


    $row mysqli_fetch_array($result))
    "<td>" $row['id'] . "</td>";
    "<td>" $row['name'] . "</td>";
    "<td>" $row['startdate'] . "</td>";
    "<td>" $row['details'] . "</td>";

    I tried with the above code and also tried to change the date format i.e :
    $today = date('d-m-y');
    to $today = date('dd-mm-yyyy');

    I am not understanding what i am missing. Just need some help in this. Any help is appreciated.

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    Have you tried displaying the result of your DATE function from your query statement to see what that value looks like? AFAIK, dates from a MySQL db are in the form yyyy-mm-dd which you can alter by using the DATE_FORMAT (?) function, not DATE. I think in your case you can alter either the query's function or the date functions format to make them align

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