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Thread: [RESOLVED] Mod_rewrite Rule Ignored

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Mod_rewrite Rule Ignored

    Dear friends,

    I'm new to mod_rewrite rules but I think I understood how it works. I'm testing the following rule for the following URL:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^index/pg/([a-z])/?$ index.php/pg=$1


    But accessing this URL doesn't makes the server rewrite it to


    Is the rule wrong? The hosting support only says that this issues are not scope of their support...

    Thank you,
    D. Duarte

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    I totally forgot to test inserting in the browser the new url... and as redirect was not set, nothing was happening.
    That's why I tough the rule had some error...

    Thanks a lot my friend,
    D. Duarte

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