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Thread: Mptree Social Music Network

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    Mptree Social Music Network

    Hello Webdeveloper.com,

    I am Joey from Mptree and I will show you my site. My site is a social network, but it also allows you to upload music of your own on the site when logged in. There is a search engine that allows you to search for any uploaded music and download it. I am 14 years old and I developed this site in my own time as a hobby. I want to know how this community feels about my site. Please feel free to give any feedback as long as it is constructive and will help my site perform better than it does now. I have some ideas in mind that I will be adding such as friends, profile pictures, news feeds, chatting, and more. Please also give feedback on my ideas. The site link is http://mptree.comuf.com . I have not yet purchased a domain name for my site, but I will if I start getting some traffic and if I decide to go with this name or not. I may try to monetize my site as well.


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    Not a bad start and I quite like the concept.

    Here's my two cents.

    Color - check out this site for some example color schemes.

    Design - it's a bit blocky; consider adding slight border-radius values to the buttons using CSS. Think of putting a page width and setting margins to auto to center elements.

    I would definitely add some screenshots of what a logged in user sees on the main page. Maybe some statements saying what the site is about. Why would a user register if they have no idea what they're getting?

    Again, a great start, and with a few simple changes it could help attract users.

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