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Thread: register email to download pdf

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    register email to download pdf

    Hi everyone

    I would like people to have access to a pdf for download only after registering an email address and name.
    How can I do that, please?

    Of course, I need to have those email addresses and names in my record;


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    You will need to set up a database first. Then, using PHP, connect to the database.

    Then a form using method="post" to send the input fields to the database.

    Pseudo code would be something like

    if email and name are true
    and if email is not already in the database
    then download pdf
    else echo "please enter your name and email address";

    Maybe someone could properly write it. I'm pretty new to PHP syntax but I get the logic.

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    Thanks winthropite

    I am pretty new in html....Ok, I have to dive into PHP now...

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