I'm a complete Dreamweaver newbie, and while I have created very basic HTML in the past, I have always used other wysiwyg which haven't always produced the most semantics documents. I thought Dreamweaver would be different, but I'm finding that if I use context menus, it allows me to use attribute that are not supported in HTML 5.

For example I created a new doc and selected HTML 5 as doctype, however when type 'test', highlight that and right click, I then have the option to select 'align > centre' which creates this...

<div align="center">test</div>
According to w3school, this is not supported in HTML 5, so why does DW allow me this option?

Is there are setting within DW that will remove all deprecated attributes and attribute not supported in HTML 5 from context menus? I am learning CSS code as I go along, but would really like to make use of DW's wisigiywy function, but without it allow me to use unsupported attributes.

Thank you