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Thread: CMS (web apllication) framework

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    CMS (web apllication) framework

    I have my framework for rapid application development, now I want to publish it partially.
    I think it may be useful for web designers (with html and css knowledge)
    who do not want to bother with sql, php, wp...
    All you need is to create object an properties for that object.
    For example "main gallery" is object; name, image and alternate is properties,
    or "news" - properties may be date, title, description, user, image, category...

    When you define object and properties (and press refresh in main menu),
    you will have cms and web-service ready for that object in main menu,
    all you need is to change "lorem ipsum" in your html code to "$Objectname.Propertyname"
    (and of course include php library from objengine)

    I setup demo admin page on my test server where you can create object, insert html code and see results

    user: objdemo
    pass: objdemo

    (change "test" to any name defined in "web pages" from admin)

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    Why would this be better than using WP with a 5 minute install?

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    Lets say you create static HTML page, and there is news section repeating:

    NewsTitle, posted on NewsDate<br>
    <a href="http://lorempixel.com/400/200">
    <img src="http://lorempixel.com/400/200" style="float:left; margin:10px 10px 10px 0px;" />
    News.Text Lorem etc....<br>
    Using objengine admin page you have to create object named News, and add properties: Title, Date, Image and Text.

    Now you have CMS for your user where he can insert/update/delete news and upload pictures.
    You also have JSON or XML webservice, try
    which can be used for android/ios/desktop application or ajax calls (I use it with knockoutJS)
    Now you have to replace "lorem.." partst from your static HTML page with names(keys) you defined:

    <!--FETCH.News -->
    $News.Title, posted on $News.Date<br>
    <a href="objengine/image.php?filename=$News.Image">
    <img src="objengine/image.php?filename=$News.Image&w=100" style="float:left; margin:10px 10px 10px 0px;" />
    <!--ENDFETCH.News -->
    and you will have dynamic populated page
    Login to http://bookingcentar.com/obj-demo/objengine/admin and try for yourself please.

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