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Thread: How do I use this iframe workaround for videos to work with ebay mobile app?

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    How do I use this iframe workaround for videos to work with ebay mobile app?


    I've trying to get You Tube videos that are embedded to my ebay listings to work via ebay mobile app.

    To do so, I need to use iframes, however ebay doesn't allow iframes, but there are workarounds such as this....


    I've not used javascript before, so I have no idea how to implement it within html? When I try to include it, instead of the iframe content appearing, the reassembled iframe code appears instead like this....


    Any ideas where I am going wrong please, or another way I can use iframe suitable for video use in ebay?

    Thank you

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    You messed up some "quotation marks" or strings in your code when you where setting variable.

    var ax="ifr";var bx="ame" src="'htt";var cx="p://"
    document.write("'width='100%' height='1500px' scrolling='no'>"+"</ifr"+"ame>");
    Give that a try.

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    just add a image that looks like a video then link it to your actual video.

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    Thanks jburridge, but the problem remains that the output is still text instead of actual iframe.

    Good idea webdesigner, but this is ebay I'm dealing with and they don't like sellers taking customers away from ebay site.

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