My sister wants a website built for her, this gives me a chance to practice my coding skills and I also need to build a website for myself.

The question is, should I use a CMS when I need to develop my coding skills. Wordpress can build websites easily without much coding, but if you are going into website development that is a bad idea, you need the practice so you could build your website without a CMS, if you are building it with a CMS then you are running away from the fact that you need to practice coding.

In a real business situation, if you are asked to build or develop a website that doesn't have a CMS then you'd be stuck as you'd only have experience with CMS before, you wouldn't be able to do anything.

I know that you can make websites faster and better with a CMS but is it better to practice without a CMS? Using a CMS is kind of like setting up a restaurant and because you were to afraid to cook, you used the microwave all the time, when you actually had to cook something you don't know how, you would rely on the microwave and eventually once you are given a hard recipe you'd be stuck as you wouldn't be able to put it in the microwave.

So although a CMS is easier, it's kind of accepting defeat, you can't code, you can only use a CMS. You are not a coder, just someone that can use a CMS.