Hi all,

I was hoping someone here can help me out with some info I require.

I have posted a job onto a freelancers website to make me (quote me) a social gaming web application like GameDuel and Playandwin.co.uk, where users can play good addictive games and win prizes such as; money, virtual currency, tangible items like an iPod... items added by admin (me) like adding items to an ecommerce site.

As I have had offers from developers from all over the work, the most concerning is India, I want to make sure I am specific in what I want and will produce a detailed requirements doc before the project commences. I do have some experience with web and desktop application development, but this would talk me far too long to complete, so would rather delegate the task to a pro if possible.

Anyway, the main question I wanted to ask was how can I ensure that the application, probably written in either PHP, JS, Flash, or HTML5, is capable of handling large quantities of traffic activity? I want to make sure I do not pay to have an application made, but that crashes constantly after member reach into double figures.

I will really appreciate your knowledgeable help here guys and gals.

Thank you...