I have Firefox26/Firebug1.12.6. I have two browser windows open.

In one window I am pulling a page from ('localhost'). The other window, the page is from an intranet site, dev1.example.com. The page code delivered to each browser window is exactly the same and uses jQuery1.7.2.

Each page functions exactly the same except for one specific action.

The browser showing the localhost page will not execute the jQuery .submit() statement below. The browser showing the intranet page does.

      console.log('Auto-submitting '+'this:'+$(this).attr('src')+' '+'parent-form:'+$(this).parents('form').attr('id'));
I see the log entry in Firebug.

Would there be a javascript reason (including any determinations made by the javascript engine in Firefox) why a page from a localhost would not behave the same as from a domain URL?