its an 8 step exersize:

1. Create an HTML file and save it as pr4_2.html.
2. Create an external JavaScript file and save it as prjs4_2.js. Use this file for steps 3–6.
3. Create one function that takes in two strings as parameters. Have it return the value of the
two strings added together, but with a space between them.
4. Create a second function that gets the result of the first function and assigns it to a variable.
Write the value of this variable directly into the HTML document. The parameters to send
to the first function are the strings “Hi” and “there!”.
5. In the main script, create a new variable and assign it the result of the first function. This
time, send the function the two strings “Regular” and “text!”.
6. Create an alert that will display the value of this variable in an alert box.
7. In the body section of the HTML page, place the script tags in the document (pointing to the
prjs4_2.js file) so that the script will write the result of the second function after a line of
strong text reading “This is some strong text.”
8. When you have finished, save the HTML and JavaScript files and view the HTML page in
your browser to see how it works.
The results should be an alert that says “Hi there!” followed by the page opening when OK
is clicked in the alert box. The page should display a strong line of text reading “This is some
strong text.” On the next line, there should be text reading “Regular text!”

If anyone could please do this and send me the code It would help out so much, i have really bad anxiety problems and can't retain the information right now to do it given the time limit please help me!