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Thread: using javascript function window.focus() to bring the window to the front

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    using javascript function window.focus() to bring the window to the front


    In our web application we have a requirement to kick off a job & display progress in a modeless status page so user can continue to work while the status page will display progress / updates. We’ve implemented this by doing a window.open to launch the status page.

    On job completion (or failure) we need the status to come to the front to alert the user about job completion and so he can look at the details. Is there a javascript function that does this. We tried using window.focus(), this highlights the window on the task bar but does not come up to the front if another window is active.


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    I would like to recomend u use a popup modal window instead 'window.open'... Because that way you can manipulate the window

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    Thanks JCPerez, but this will be a long running job & I don't want to block the user from going back to the opener page and continue to do what he is doing until the job completes. That's the reason for launching the status on a separate page as opposed to launching it modal. Any other ideas on how to do this ?

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    Why do people always have to go for the difficult option?

    In my opinion, you only need to incorporate a status window withing the existing page that pops up from time to time as needed.
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