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Thread: Can't access global variable outside of event handler

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    Can't access global variable outside of event handler

    Hi I'm trying to access a global variable that I set inside an event handler. On my form I just click
    inside a input box the problem code is basically like this

    var dateSource;
    jQuery("body").click(function (event) {
      dateSource = event.target.id;
    The thing is if I run this, dateSource always comes out empty/blank; It never picks up the id of the inputbox

    Thank you

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    You don't have the full code here--but that which is shown runs the alert BEFORE there is any chance for a user to click on the body and actually set the value of 'dateSource' to anything other than 'undefined.' And if the user does click, thereby setting the value, there is nothing to invoke the alert function.

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