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Thread: Printing and CSS

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    Angry Printing and CSS

    Hi all
    I have a design problem that has to be fixed before release!!

    We have a bankapplication and whant to dynamically print an invoice with some information on it. I've tried to use CSS for this but and it works fine in the browser - but when I print the page , the text slides down 5 mm !

    I hav a scanned picture of the invoice and use ASP and CSS to place the dynamic text on top of the picture so it looks like a real invoice to the customer... But when I print !!

    My questions are:
    Can this be done with CSS or should I try another technique?
    Do you have any suggestions on other ways to do it?
    I cant set any "hard" demands on the clients browser (e.g. Acrobat, XML/XSL etc)

    Do you have any ideas?


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    I don't think this problem can be fixed. You could use the "page-break-before" things, etc., but you probably already have. If the text only slides down about 5mm, that might be about the best you can do. Sorry!

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    A bit difficoult to advise since you don't even link to the page, let alone OS or browsers tested with.

    What I can suggest is to use smnaller top margin (negative if needed).
    // Stefan Huszics

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    I've heard about this issue before in Micro$oft browsers, it would also help if you defined the paper size using the relevant CSS.

    But I assume you want your customers to print the document themselves, if so you'll have problems since you don't know how their machines are configured and what user-agents they are running.

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