Hey everyone,

I'm a Rails developer who works for a small Chicago software company. I'm trying to figure out what an appropriate salary should for a person of my background. Although I'm quite thankful for the salary I currently have ($75,000) - considering that I'm self-taught and had no professional web development experience prior to this job - I know that my pay is on the low end. Based on statistics from Indeed and Simply Hired, it looks like the average salary is between $77,000 and $104,000 for a Rails developer in Chicago. Anecdotally I've heard of devs being paid $130,000 and up (and not just in San Francisco). I want to know if it's realistic to demand these types of salaries or if those cases are simply outliers.

If you currently work as a Rails dev, what is your salary? What city do you live in? How did you get that level?