Hello people,

What I want to accomplish is a table TD that is 20px high and grows downwards when the mouse is over it.

The problem is that it works only when the TD is empty (ie <TD> nothing here </TD> )

If the TD is not empty, its almost impossible to make it start at 20 px high (because the content makes it longer, as normal).

The only thing I could find is to use overflow:hidden in the stylesheet. This works in the beginning, but at the table grows it
does not add more content. It is as if the content got clipped in the beginning and that's it.

I would imagine that overflow:hidden refreshes itself everytime the table changes size, but that does not seem
to be the case.

Could I FORCE it to refresh somehow ? Force the table to redraw itself or its content ?

Or alternatively, instead of animating the table height, I could "inject" into it the content text, could that be a possibility ?
So that each line I add, it becomes longer, so the end result could be the same (although its hard to achieve the smooth
animation I have now )

THanks ofr