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Thread: Interested in a career in gaming development

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    Interested in a career in gaming development

    My friend is looking to get into gaming development, wondering the reality of landing a job and the best direction to take. He has a Bachelors.... in marketing so need to know where to start .


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    In terms of gaming development, you need to know a programming language such as C++ or a scripting language which a particular game engine uses for creating the functionality of a game. For game designing, you need to know 3D software, such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, AutoCAD for designing game levels, assets and character models.

    if your friend have done a bachelor in marketing then game industry also have a marketing section where they promote their developed game for selling it. Your friend can apply their.

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    I have heard some friends using C# as the development platform

    In android development i have heard you can code in c# but again you require to have a nice knowledge of basic languages such as C and C++ to get ahead in this field. Animation is another requirement for such kind of job.
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