Hello people

I am trying to do a button count that is very much like this:

I'm looking it to be in JavaScript only and not JQuery. No html either. Just 100% JavaScript. The idea is to limit the amount of clicks so that it wont go over 6 nor under 0. I have 6 images connected to a button and for each click I want the image to move to the next one. When I reach the last image the button can continue to be clicked which pushes them further away. So I want it to be limited to 6 as the max and then disable that button when it reaches the maxed number of clicks.

It would be click the right button once, and it leaves 5 more clicks on the right button and 1 click for the left. Click the right button 4 times and it leaves 2 clicks for the right and 3 for the left button.

Can someone tell me how this is done?