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    business directory

    I'm trying to develop a business directory like yelp. if a user chooses a state EX; New York, then they could select any category they wanted about NY like Restaurants, Bars, Shopping. And if they wanted to look in Connecticut, all those categories should be about CT listings, and so on.

    What is the theory about this? Is it developed using sessions? I appreciate any clue you provide,


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    Building a basic business directory site is trivially easy. The script library websites are full of such scripts that you can use, so you don't even need much experience in programming.

    The hard part is getting users to visit/use such a site because there are dozens of major companies and thousands of amateurs already doing it. So before you put any significant effort into building such a site, you should come up with a feature or service you can provide that nobody else has to give users a reason to choose your site over the thousands of other choices out there. It would also be best if you develop a plan to promote your new site to make people aware it exists because you're going to find it difficult to get any traffic from the search engines.
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    Could you recommend a script library site that might have a free biz directory script?

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