I realize that content is usually the biggest reason people will come to the forum, however content alone is not be enough to drive up that first hill when many articles already exist. What I am thinking is post exchanges.

I suggest posting 2 topics and 5 replys on a forum for someone else per week, and they do the same in return, a post exchange. (nothing new really) To complete this, a secret base would be required (another online forum) where the post exchangers can share ideas and work together to improve each-others forum. It sounds alot nicer than constantly competing with all the other forums out there today. Its hard to get general advice on forums in an alpha atmosphere. More or less a small collaboration.

If anyone wants to give this idea a go, send me a message at asa@thatgamesguy.com

Note: I will not work with any illegal, immoral, or explicit websites.

Note to staff here. I hope this article doesn't violate any rules, I glanced over them however may have missed something. Thanks