Hi peoples,

I am currently in the process of designing a social gaming application, where basically users play games to win prizes, and am in discussions with some freelance developers.

So far it has been said that the easiest and best way to achieve my desired results would be to develop the games in Flash... But.... My concern using Flash is its inevitable end, which is fast approaching.

What do you guys think???

Is it still worth developing an application thats primary function is created in Flash? Does anyone know roughly when flash is due to expire from or browsers? I know that there have been problems with the media element of html5 and that many feel that we are years away from html5 being any kind of a replacement.

There is also the issue with cross platform compatability i.e. on tablets and smart phones. What are the alternatives? I know of Silverlight, but I dont think this has had great success... what about JavaScript, is this an option?

Any help and guidence will be very much appreciated.