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Thread: Send mail using PHP script via SMTP

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    Send mail using PHP script via SMTP

    I have a form on my website where people can join events. The codes behind he for works this way:

    All info is saved in a database. This part work fine

    The second part of the codes send out an email to me and to the user with the info he intered (same info as saved in the database)

    The issue is that the emails are sent unauthenticated through a default email on the hosting account. I have to modify the script to force SMTP authentication with a valid email under my hosting account to fix the error. Right now the script sends out the email but it ends in spamfilter with all ISPs so the user never receive the email.

    I have no idea of how to do, or create the codes so the script use SMTP authentication. Below is the codes I have so fare. Can someone help me?

    PHP Code:
    $to "my@email.com"
    $from $_REQUEST['email'] ; 
    $name $_REQUEST['name'] ; 
    $headers "From: $from"
    $subject "Thanks!"
    $fields = array(); 
    $fields{"name"} = "Name"
    $fields{"address"} = "Address"
    $fields{"phone"} = "Phone"
    $fields{"email"} = "E-mail addesse"
    $body "INFO:\n\n"; foreach($fields as $a => $b){     $body .= sprintf("%20s: %s\n",$b,$_REQUEST[$a]); } 
    $headers2 "From: my@email.com"
    $subject2 "THANKS!"
    $fields2 = array(); 
    $from $_REQUEST['email'] ; 
    $name $_REQUEST['name'] ; 
    $headers "From: $from"
    $subject "Thanks!"

    $body2 "

    ; foreach ($fields2 as $a => $b){     $body2 .= sprintf("%20s: %s\n",$b,$_REQUEST[$a]); } 

    if($from == '') {print "MISSING EMAIL ADDRESS.";} 
     else { 
    $name == '') {print "MISSING NAME";} 
     else { 
    $send mail($to$subject$body$headers); 
    $send2 mail($from$subject2$body2$headers2); 
    header"Location: http://mysite.com/send.php" );} 

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    The way I've done that is to use PHPMailer, which includes a SMTP class to handle it. (Everything is PHP: no additional libraries or PHP extensions are needed.)
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