Hy !

I made a web graphic novel for uni a few month ago.

It's mainly Html5, css3 and a bit of javascript.

I was working in an empiric way, so the whole code is not pretty at all.
And I have some constraint that makes it difficult to share. Mainly for job interview.

I built it to be working on a 1366x768 res and ONLY on chrome.

Naturally, on higher rez, nothing work. I could make it work for FF, but I don't have the time for it.

I would like to do something like that :


The whole black space not being the body.

Also, I have trouble optimising the code to load or preload all the file before actually displaying the website.

I put a loader, but it's only for images. As you can (or cannot) see, the transitions are smooth, but images some time are displayed too late.

I'm sorry if I am not verry clear

Thank you