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Thread: Why isn't this program working?

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    Why isn't this program working?

    I put the following into textedit on mac and saved as an html doc. When I tried to open, it is a blank screen. It is supposed to draw a car and have it move across.

    HTML Code:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    // position of the car
    var x = 11;
    var draw = function() {
        background(252, 255, 214);
        // draw the car body
        fill(255, 0, 115);
        rect(x, 200, 100, 20);
        rect(x + 15, 178, 70, 40);
        // draw the wheels
        fill(77, 66, 66);
        ellipse(x + 25, 221, 24, 24);
        ellipse(x + 75, 221, 24, 24);
        x = x + 10;
    Thank you!

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    First of all, I suspect that you've omitted an external JavaScript file that contains all of the drawing functions. There's certainly quite a bit of additional code that's missing as well since there's nothing that would animate the display or anything that would provide a place for it to be drawn.
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    HTML is not complete, you need a head and a body and your using Canvas is I am not mistaken, therefore you need to have a canvas object to refer to and external scripting as suggested above.
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