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Thread: Can't figure out proper URL for page refresh

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    Can't figure out proper URL for page refresh

    I'm not sure if this should go under HTML or Java but it seems more like an HTML issue so....................

    I want to use the bit of code below to re-write the page to tell the user of a successful registration and then redirect them to another page. My problem is that I can't figure out how to get the path right for the login page. As can see, my first choice was to have the use click to the login page and when I use href it works fine.

    I tried to use the entire file page starting at C and that didn't work. I also tried ${pageContext.request.contextPath}/Login which is what I had to do for the action in the form for the login servlet page.

    My question is what is the URL I need to use. By the way, if I jut put in google's URL, or any other for that matter, it works fine.

    HTML Code:
    out.println(docType +
    	      "<html>\n" +
    	     "<head><title>" + "Already Registered" + "</title>" + 
    	       "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='3; URL='Login.jsp'></head>\n" +
    	       "<style>body{background-image: url('img/bgimage.jpg');}</style>" +
    	        "<body>\n" +
    	         "<h1 align='center'>" + "Hello  " + "   "+rUsrname + "</h1>\n" +
    	         "<h2 align='center'>It looks like you are already registered</h2>\n" +
    	          "<h3 align='center'>Please click <a href='Login.jsp'>here</a> to log in</h3>");

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    I do not understand your problem. How can you possibly not know the URL of your own log in page??? It is whatever you decide it is!!! Furthermore, when accessed from the same page, it is just "#".

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