I'm not sure if this should go under HTML or Java but it seems more like an HTML issue so....................

I want to use the bit of code below to re-write the page to tell the user of a successful registration and then redirect them to another page. My problem is that I can't figure out how to get the path right for the login page. As can see, my first choice was to have the use click to the login page and when I use href it works fine.

I tried to use the entire file page starting at C and that didn't work. I also tried ${pageContext.request.contextPath}/Login which is what I had to do for the action in the form for the login servlet page.

My question is what is the URL I need to use. By the way, if I jut put in google's URL, or any other for that matter, it works fine.

HTML Code:
out.println(docType +
	      "<html>\n" +
	     "<head><title>" + "Already Registered" + "</title>" + 
	       "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='3; URL='Login.jsp'></head>\n" +
	       "<style>body{background-image: url('img/bgimage.jpg');}</style>" +
	        "<body>\n" +
	         "<h1 align='center'>" + "Hello  " + "   "+rUsrname + "</h1>\n" +
	         "<h2 align='center'>It looks like you are already registered</h2>\n" +
	          "<h3 align='center'>Please click <a href='Login.jsp'>here</a> to log in</h3>");