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Thread: Hide a domain

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    Hide a domain

    I have created a new tennis site for our neighborhood which has its own domain which all of our tennis related information is on it. We also have another url that will take the residents of our neighborhood to the court scheduler where they can reserve courts. This will defeat the purpose of having our own domain, because once the residents know the url for the court scheduler they will just bypass our main site and go directly to the court scheduler. We want our residents to have to go our main site first.

    Is there any way to hide the court scheduler domain?

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Not foolproof (anyone curious enough to look at the page source could figure it out -- but that won't apply to at least 99% of your users), but you could embed it in an iframe element within your page. Just style it nicely so that it doesn't "look" like an iframe.
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    You could as NogDog suggests use an iframe.

    You could also use PHP and a session cookie that if not set redirects the court scheduler to the main site.
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    My suggestion is: it sounds like you are seeking a technical solution for a content problem. Why should someone merely wishing to book a court have to wade through the, presumably, turgid parent site first? I say "turgid" because, if it was worth reading, would you have a problem in the first place? Besides which, what is wrong with direct access to booking courts??? People have busy lives. They do not have the time to admire your handwork every time they just want to book a court!!!

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    Other thing is try to encode the url of the 'court scheduler'... So if someone finds it, will not know which is the original url...

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    Depends on which plugin you're using to map domains.

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    There are many sites like godaddy,bigrock which allows hiding the domain with allowing domain mapping option on site using which you can do your task.

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    You can either iframe the page inside another page.
    Create a popup which hides the address bar (the url will still be viewable in the status bar).

    Or give people a reason to visit the main site first.

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