Hi! First, a big thank you to anyone who'll take the time to get me through this weird behavior on my website.

Using the latest version of Firefox (I have yet to be able to replicate with IE/Chrome, but it does happen on Safari on my iPhone), something doesn't quite get loaded correctly on my website from time to time.

At the bottom of this specific page: http://vuduciel.ca/services/
I have a accordeon block of text for a FAQ, but refreshing this page sometimes makes it appear as plain text for no reason like this:

Also, on my contact page:http://vuduciel.ca/contact/
I have an embeded Google Map, but it sometimes stays blank. Hitting the submit button with empty fields is supposed to pop a warning, but when the Google Map is blank, hitting submit takes you to the admin-ajax.php of wordpress with a returning 0 and the form doesn't get sent:

This is beyond my knowledge, and I absolutely have no idea where to start looking for something wrong.

A big big BIG thank you for any replies, it is extremely appreciated!