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Thread: What is Call to Action?

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    What is Call to Action?

    What is Call to Action?

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    Words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action, such as "Write Now," "Call Now," or (on Internet) "Click Here." A retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.

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    You better read the link that the moderator gave. It is one of the important factors in online marketing to get targeted results.
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    A Call To Action is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action.

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    A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down a conversion funnel.[1] It is an essential part of inbound marketing as well as permission marketing in that it actively strives to convert a user into a lead[2] and later into a customer.

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