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Thread: Best Mobile HTML Api?

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    Best Mobile HTML Api?


    I'm new to mobile development but not development in general, I'm just wondering what the best API is for use on Apple, Android and PC Browsers?

    Obviously each has their advantages and disadvantages, and my research turned up this article which is good: http://html5hub.com/comparing-html5-...ui-frameworks/

    However is light on details so I thought I'd ask others.

    I need Apple (iOS) support and Android, but a fallback to PC browsers would be great too.

    It seems jQuery Mobile might be the most popular - do people agree on that?

    Based on this information does anyone think one of the APIs is clearly the best for my needs or is something else a clear obvious winner?


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    I think you mean "framework" not "api". An api is quite different.

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    Yeah its called framework not API, agree with the above post.

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    If you are talking about the framework then PhoneGap, Ionic and Sencha Touch will be my recommendations.

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