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Thread: Chrome for Android 18 Overflow: Hidden?

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    Chrome for Android 18 Overflow: Hidden?

    I am having a problem on Chrome 18 for Android that I am just absolutely unable to solve. I have a banner at the top of a profile (think like a Facebook cover), and that banner can be a user-uploaded image, or if the user doesn't upload an image, it will be a mosaic of images that are tiled together to create a banner using tilesgallery.js (http://tiles-gallery.com/).

    When the user uploads an image, overflow: hidden works fine and the image stays contained within it's container. But using the tiles-gallery, overflow: hidden breaks and the images overflow out of the banner. Nothing I do seems to fix this.

    I have examples of the code at StackOverflow, but no-one has been able to help me there.

    Does anyone have any idea why Overflow: hidden isn't working in this instance?

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    AS no one has replied, I'll have a go. Since the problem only arises when a mosaic of images is displayed, I'd try replacing the mosaic with a single composite image. Simple, but, hopefully, successful...

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