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Thread: Mobile Application For Android

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    Mobile Application For Android

    I want to know Android based Smart phone system configuration is important for to run an mobile Application?
    For big applications, mobile games etc needs to run High configuration mobile phone systems?

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    Whatever you heard about android smartphone with high configuration is absolutely true. Android version below 4.0 could not support big applications and games and not even flash. Hence you need to have smartphone with above android 4.0.

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    Its depends on the mobile application which configuration the mobile application needs. If android mobile app needs 4.0 version then it will work on 4.0 and above but not on lower android device.

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    The major problem with the Android is the framentation and that is getting solved by Google but still in progress soon they going to update it for all. I hope the problem developer facing today will serves easily by Google. Being an Open Platform it is more challenging.

    If you have any android application requirement just tell.

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    Hello friend's
    Android version below 4.0 could not support big applications and games and not even flash. Hence, you need to have a smartphone with above android 4.0.

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    High mobile system means latest version which have all capabilities of running that process.

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    Android version below 4.0 not support the big apps, games N flash. So the configuration is most important.

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    hello friends..
    There are many application for android phone like as ...
    whatsapp, facebook, hike,truecaller, MX player,CM Security, Videoder, Opera Mini, VLC, google crome, Wechat, etc.
    there are thousand of applications are available for android Phone.

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