Good morning,

Being more of a C# developer for local apps and PHP on serverside, I wanted to ask if the following is doable in Java, please advise on which technology to use (JavaEE, etc.) to use. If one has an idea on how to use something else than Java, I'm good for that as well.

The goal is, to have a Web Service, that allows launching of basically a WebCrawler, that will be limited to parsing google results, processing them, and doing some kind of reporting to the user.

What's the problem?

Upon detecting a lot of traffic from one server, google will display captchas.

Now, with a client-side crawler, I simply display it and ask the user to click / fill in correctly.

How would I do this if the whole thing is supposed to run server-side and launched by a client in his browser?

My first guess would have been to send the captcha to the client using web-sockets (JavaEE implemented those recently, didnt it?), have him fill it out correctly, ping it back to the server and from there to google.

Any suggestions on that, does anybody foresee problems that I can't?

Thanks for the help


Please no suggestions like "use Google API" -> the google API sometimes has different results than http results, which is not acceptable for this tool.