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Thread: Estimate of Cost - Detailed scope of work

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    Estimate of Cost - Detailed scope of work

    Hello everyone, a client of mine is currently working with a Web Developer to create a application system for their school.
    For students and prospects to apply to the school, submit sensitive documentation and accept payments.

    This Application system has the ability to store information in a Database to be recalled later, and placed into PDF forms, which will be used later by their Administration staff.

    The technology being used is,

    With support of all major browsers, and including an Admin Module.

    He has quoted us a price, and i want to make sure that we aren't being overcharged.
    Also, This project is part of a bigger project to develop a entirely new site, with this module being able to plug into it.
    Here is a scope of the application system laid out in a flow, or Mind Map.


    If any more information is need please just let me know.

    Thank you for any input you can give us!

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    The mind map is poor quality i apologize, if anyone wishes a higher res of the image please pm me.

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    Please put the Image you are illustrating in a good format so atleast one can look on the project details. Feel free to mail me any time if you need any kind of assistance.
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    Here is a high res picture, detailing the process of this online Application.

    Again, all im looking for is your opinion on the price for such an application.


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