I am just starting to learn code online and would like some guidance. I have completed the Codecademy courses on HTML/CSS and JavaScript, plus a tutsplus course on HTML/CSS. I want to find something on JavaScript to build on what I've learned in Codecademy, but need some help from there.

Eventually I would like a job in web/software development, so any ideas on my next direction would be great. Drupal seems like a better CMS to learn than WP or Joomla(I could easily be wrong), so I've started trying to decipher that. I do want to learn multiple languages, but would love to know what people think I should be putting emphasis on right now.

Again I want to be clear that I'm new to this, have minimal education and never worked in a computer field. I'm looking for any suggestions on what skills to acquire that will at least get me a job, and some pointers on good career paths.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated