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Thread: Bad Grammar in Comments will not affect your rankings

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    On another site someone posted about being able to install Outlook Express on Windows 7... (not sure why anyone would want too...but that's a different story.)

    I clicked on the link to check it out and here;s my reply:

    Many times i was windering why outlook express is not included on new windows versions,
    I stopped reading after the very first sentence
    "Vegetarians live up to nine years longer than the rest of us...Nine horrible, worthless, baconless years."

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    Hello Pal, "Matt Cutt says that Grammar in Comments doesn't effect SEO Ranking", it is true, because the comments sections is for general users, but SEO professional use it for SEO activity and named as "Blog Commenting".

    How 1 can expect that a normal user also comments as "Specified and SEO-friendly" as a "SEO professional Do", there are millions of users those comment online, everyone is from different region geographically, everyone has it's own way to express, to talk, to write, and no one can go against with this behavior, because "Comments are nothing but USER REVIEWS", that is why "Matt Cutts says that Grammar in comments doesn't effect SEO Ranking", though it has some other effects, that is not asked here, but definitely above mentioned does not effect.

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