Hi there,

I thinks it would be easier if I just post links a those codes instead of pasting all of them here.

I am using this business reviews script, and I am having trouble loading city's neighborhoods.
The script demo is here : http://demo.upble.com/
On that demo it works fine, but it's forum is dead (No help )

Anyway, here is the view https://github.com/leungxd/upble/blob/master/application/views/biz/add.php

At the bottom, he uses javascript to reload the page, but I really couldn't figure it out.

Here is the first part of the bottom code
<script type="text/javascript">

var cities = [];
<?php foreach($cities as $city):?>
	cities[<?php echo $city->id ?>] = '<?php echo $city->name?>';
<?php endforeach;?>



	<?php if(isset($biz['rating']) && $biz['rating']>0):?>
	var biz_rating=parseInt('<?php $biz['rating']?>');
	<?php endif;?>

The rest I think is for a map.

Could someone explain to me what's going on.

PS: A lot of function calling each other, I don't paste all of them here, but I will if requested

These are all files https://github.com/leungxd/upble