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Thread: file upload issue

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    Post file upload issue

    I have 3 columns for example:
    id items parent_id
    1. TV 0
    2 music 1
    3 xyz 2
    4 apx 1
    5 data 2
    6 data 2
    I have csv file in which data are seperated by slash TV/music/etc. Now I explode it and put it as shown above in example. Now i can find the required id for common field.But when i run the update query using while loop it gives an infinite loop but inside that loop if I print the required field it shows no error it gives me all the required id
    I am using the this mysql query "UPDATE `".$tbl_name."` SET `board`='".$_REQUEST['text']. how to solve this

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    Show us your code - please place in proper format also.

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    Do you want to upload CSV file?
    Do you create form upload?
    Please create form and write code for them. Your question is not clear.....

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    No - the question is not clear. That is why I asked already for the OP to show us his code.....

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    Can't understand what you want to say?? Can't understand your problem buddy.. Need some description

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